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  The "Home Grown Band" aka "South Station Band".The Home Grown Band was a rock band formed in south western Ohio in 1979. Members included guitarist Mark (aka Ernest T. Bass) Powell,vocalist and bass guitar player Bill Lowe,vocalist Larry Lakes who sings lead vocals in the recorded practice session's found below under the live show recording's. Drummer Jeff McCarroll, guitarist and vocalist Tim Ketring  and guitarist Tim Ratliff. The Home Grown Band played covers and original tunes of their own. They changed their name to "South Station" somewhere along the way. The band played songs by "The Outlaws,Lynyrd Skynyrd,Marshall Tucker,The Eagles,Molly Hatchet,Joe Walsh,Charlie Daniels,Allman Brothers,Elvin Bishop" to name  the artists covered in the South Station Band's performance recordings below. Here are those recordings made at a show from 1980. Give tunes time to load after clicking on arrow buttons. 


 "Workin For MCA"  by Lynyrd Skynyrd performed by South Station.

Workin For MCA.mp3

 "Green Grass and High Tides" by The Outlaws performed by South Station.

Green Grass and High Tides.mp3

 "Gunsmoke" by The Outlaws performed by South Station.


 "What's Your Name" by Lynyrd Skynyrd performed by South Station.

Whats Your Name.mp3

"Gimmie Three Steps" by Lynyrd Skynyrd performed by South Station. 

Gimme Three Steps.mp3

"Call Me The Breeze" by Lynyrd Skynyrd performed by South Station. 

The Breeze.mp3

 "Can't You See" by Marshall Tucker performed by South Station.

Cant You See.mp3

"James Dean" by The Eagles performed by South Station. 

James Dean.mp3

"Rocky Mountain Way" by Joe Walsh performed by South Station. 

Rocky Mountain Way.mp3

"Free Born Man" by The Outlaws performed by South Station. 

Free Born Man.mp3

"T For Texas" by Lynyrd Skynyrd performed by South Station. 

T for Texas.mp3

"Long Haired Country Boy" by Charlie Daniels performed by South Station. 

Long Haired Country Boy.mp3

"Keep Prayin" by The Outlaws performed by South Station. 

Keep Prayin.mp3

"Stormy Monday" by The Allman Brothers performed by South Station. 

Stormy Monday.mp3

"Travlin Shoes" by Elvin Bishop performed by South Station. 

Travlin Shoes.mp3

 "Can't Take It With You" by The Allman Brothers performed by South Station.

Cant Take It With You.mp3

"Dreams" by Molly Hatchet performed by South Station. 


"Family's Are Forever,Memories Are Forever, God's Love Is Forever".

 Let us remember friends of the Home Grown  South Station Band who have passed away.

Lisa A. Powell Arnold 1962-2012

Larry Paul Lakes 1958-2004

Kim Lowe Ketring 1959-2012



"Forever" is a song by Dennis Wilson, edited and arranged by

Mark Powell and Zackery Arnold.

Forever-Dennis Wilson The Beach Boys.mp3

"Listen to practice sessions further below". 

                                                  Business Card

                                 Tim Ratliff 

On stage at the Stone Lounge (1980). 

"South Station Band" practice sessions from 1980 with Larry Lakes singing lead vocals who died July 20th,2004 from injuries sustained in an automobile accident.

"First Take" Rehearsals

"I Know A Little" by Lynyrd Skynyrd performed by South Station.Larry Lakes(Lead Vocals).Mark Powell(Lead and Slide Guitar).Tim Ratliff(Rhythm Guitar).Tim Ketring(Rhythm Guitar,Backup Vocals).Bill Lowe (Bass Guitar,Backup Vocals). Jeff McCarroll(Drums).

I Know A Little.mp3

"Flirtin With Disaster" by Molly Hatchet performed by South Station.Larry Lakes(Lead Vocals).Mark Powell(Rhythm Guitar).Tim Ratliff(Lead Guitar). Tim Ketring(Backup Vocals,Rhythm Guitar).Bill Lowe (Bass Guitar,Backup Vocals). Jeff McCarroll(Drums).

Flirtin With Disaster.mp3

"Searchin" by Lynyrd Skynyrd performed by South Station.Mark Powell(Lead Guitar).Tim Ratliff(Rhythm Guitar). Tim Ketring(Rhythm Guitar,Backup Vocals).Bill Lowe(Bass Guitar,Backup Vocals). Jeff McCarroll(Drums). Larry Lakes(Lead Vocals). 


"Saturday Night Special" by Lynyrd Skynyrd performed by South Station.Larry Lakes(Lead Vocals)Tim Ketring(Lead Guitar,Backup Vocals).Bill Lowe(Bass Guitar,Backup Vocals).Mark Powell(Rhythm Guitar).Jeff McCarroll(Drums).Tim Ratliff(Rhythm Guitar).

Saturday Night Special.mp3

 Mark Powell (aka Ernest T. Bass).

Tim Ratliff,lead and rhythm guitar. 

    Bill Lowe,Tim Ratliff, Mark Powell 

 Tim Ketring,lead and rhythm guitar,vocal's.

Mark Powell,Tim Ratliff,Bill Lowe,Tim Ketring,Jeff McCarroll 

Kevin Keister,sound board tech. for The Home Grown Band. 

                                      Dayton Daily News 

 Tim Ratliff,left. Tim Ketring,right.

 Mark Powell,Tim Ratliff,Jeff McCarroll,Tim Ketring,Bill Lowe

 "The Home Grown Band" Below left to right ,Jeff McCarroll,Bill Lowe,Tim Ratliff,Mark Powell,Tim Ketring

Photos by Larry Powell and Mike Scott.


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        Mark Powell (aka Ernest T. Bass). 

Mark Powell (a.k.a. Ernest T. Bass) is known as a world class guitar player.

Mark Powell's musical career was derailed by the invention of

marijuana until he met the Home Grown Band in the fall of 1979.


 Below are five Beatles tunes played on guitar by Mark  Powell and recorded in the early 1970's.

Eleanor Rigby.mp3

I'll Follow The Sun.mp3

Things We said Today.mp3

Eleanor Rigby Track Twin Lead Guitars.mp3

I want to Hold Your Hand.mp3

Below is Mark Powell today wearing his

coonskin cap as his statement that 

"Todays World" has gone crazy.

 When asked by a news media

in a recent interview if he has retired or

quit playing guitar, Mark stated, "It aint

true,It aint true, I'm the greatest rhythm

and second lead guitar player in the world.

Beatles Instrumental "Every Little Thing"

Recorded Jan.2012

Mark Powell,(acoustic guitar).

Zackery Arnold,(saxophone).

Tim Ratliff,(bass guitar).

Every Little Thing.mp3

Ernest T. Bass,Mark Powell's Alter Ego.

Beatles Instrumental "It's Only Love" 

Recorded in 2012.

Mark Powell (rhythm guitar).

Zackery Arnold (saxophone).

It's Only Love.mp3

 Tim Ratliff Today, Click Picture To Visit Tims' Website

 On stage at Ohio State University.

Bill Lowe,Tim Ratliff, Mark Powell,Tim Ketring 

             On Stage At Stone Lounge. 

                                  Tim Ketring 

                                                     Jeff McCarroll 




 Bill Lowe on bass guitar,vocal's.

Tim Ketring 

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